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  1. Like you said, there's no specific explanation for the HS_ZERO and HS_PREPARE registers in the camera datasheet. I don't know the ranges of HS_ZERO and HS_PREPARE that are accepted by the camera. That's why I try to avoid making changes there. I did some simple tests on the Xilinx MIPI D-PHY and programmed an automatic sweep from low to high HS_SETTLE values. Unfortunately I couldn't find a correct HS_SETTLE value. All of the values tested caused D-PHY errors. There's a petalinux project for the Zybo Z7-20 board which contains Xilinx modules for MIPI decoding and signal processin
  2. Thanks for your reply. I’m using the OV5640 initialization which can be found here: In this file the HS_ZERO and HS_PREPARE camera register values are not defined. They stay on their default value, mentioned in the camera datasheet: T_UI = 24 ns (Register value 0x4837) T_HS_ZERO = MIN_HS_ZERO + T_UI*MIN_HS_ZERO_UI = 0x96 ns + 24 ns * 0x05 = 150 ns + 120 ns = 270 ns T_HS_PREPARE = MIN_HS_PREPARE + T_UI*MIN_HS_PREPARE_UI = 0x32 ns + 24 ns * 0x04 = 50 ns + 96 ns = 146 ns HS
  3. Hello, I'm using a Zybo Z7-20 board together with the Pcam 5C camera module and I have a question regarding the MIPI D-PHY settings in the Zybo-Z7-20-pcam-5c project. I want to replace the Digilent MIPI_D_PHY_RX with the Xilinx MIPI D-DPHY. My issue is, that the Xilinx MIPI D-PHY does not output any AXI-Stream signals and that I see permanent 'Start-of-Transmission (SoT) Error' (errsoths = '1') reported on the output port of the Xilinx MIPI D-PHY. This error occurs, according to the Xilinx MIPI D-PHY datasheet, when the HS_SETTLE parameter is not matching. The standard HS_SETTLE pa