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  1. Has anyone had success in driver implementation of the PCAM 5C on a Linux platform for zedboard?
  2. hello @JColvin I was just trying to wrtie dsa file for v2019.1. https://github.com/Digilent/ZedBoard-FMC-Pcam-Adapter-DEMO/releases/tag/v2019.1-1?_ga=2.57965992.327743438.1605606962-207701440.1588249171 is it possible? If yes, how to set platform properties? everytime I tried doing, there was errors like ---- INFO: [Vivado 12-4895] Creating DSA: system.dsa ... ERROR: [BD 41-2088] No default platform clock is selected. Please set property is_default to true for one of the platform clocks ERROR: [Vivado 12-5878] Failed to generate hpfm file for BD File: C:/Users/Uti
  3. Hello Everyone, I am newbie to Xilinx Platform, please provide your suggestion. > Platform: Xilinx SDx 2019.1 Board: Zedboard Host machine: Ubuntu > I have a general question, when a C++ program executes with good result in one platform, but good results are not obtained while executing the same program in Xilinx SDSoC platform without build errors and implemented on zedboard. > In my case, Acquisition program in C++ works perfect in Qt Creator Application with incomming.bin file, signals are acquired. But while implementing and
  4. Hi everyone I am using zedboard for vision application. I have succesfully generated <projectname.elf file and SD card image too. I am not able to execute the file on putty. attaching the creenshot, please let me know How can fix the issue
  5. hi could anyone provide me the reVISION platform link for the ZedBoard for FMC pcam cameras. thanks meghana
  6. yes, My target is to use FMC with PCAM cameras for image processing application. Initially I started to use windows and made the fmc card work using the sample code. later when i switched from windows to ubuntu 18.04 LTE. I am trying to run hello world having linux as OS. I cant really see ''hello world '' on serial terminal. also I tried checking using putty write_led 0xff, even this doesn't work. I see that SDCARD image is booting till gpios part or before SCSI part... I dont understand what is the main issue for not having a communication with the zedboard. meghan
  7. Hi I am using ''PUTTY'' and ''SDK serial Terminal'' settings are Serial line to connect to - /dev/ttyACM0 speed - 115200, data bits - 1, stop bits- 1, Parity and Flow control are none. this connection works fine, but then I cant really run write_led 0xff command. It says try ''help''. I have no issues when it comes to windows. the image from SDCARD reads completely. thanks
  8. can anyone help me to know why does USB-UART connection fails in ubuntu 18.04 LTE for Zedboard? what does '' ftdi_sio ttyUSB1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now disconnected from ttyUSB1''
  9. actually I can program FPGA and I get this log message. I cant see Hello world messgae on the serial port
  10. first image is about driver installation and second image is of SD card Image and its booting only half of the image from the card. I cant even run write_led 0xff command.
  11. hi Could any one help me to understand where I am going wrong? I cant run simple helloworld / sample code on zedboard. I am using ubuntu 18.04 vivado version 2018.2. in the sdk, I get message like xsct% WARNING: [Hsi 61-9] Current Software design may not be compatible with "memory_tests" app. Tool is ignoring the MSS file specified in the app directory attempting to launch hw_server ****** Xilinx hw_server v2018.2 **** Build date : Jun 14 2018-20:18:37 ** Copyright 1986-2018 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved. INFO: hw_server application started INFO: Use
  12. Hi everyone I am using ubuntu 18.04 and trying to connect to zedboard using putty and SDK 2018.2. It reads the SD card only till gipos ( attached the picure below) . I have no such issues in windows. It works well even in SDK. My main aim is to do the project using zedboard with SDSoC and HLS. Please help me out what is missing and what should I do to have a communication or have a hello world working as sample. When I connect the board using serial terminal on SDK, I cant actually launch the program and it says check the settings. I had no such trouble using in windo
  13. Hi now I am using vivado on ubuntu Can I create image processing project ( opencv lib) on windows on standlone platform? thanks meghana
  14. Hi @Ana-Maria Balas, I followed your instructions and still have same issues. The above link is for 2019.1 version and I am using 2018.2 version.
  15. Hi thanks for the response There were no errors on the console with respect to non-working cameras.