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  1. i am trying to make a varying pwm output with the input from the als to control the brightness of an external led, i was able to take the output from the als and get a pwm, however it does not seem to change with the output from the pmod als. i have included the code below any help would be greatly apperciated pwm.v ALS_SPI.v
  2. mukunda

    Fpga Wifi Module

    any way to get the pmod wifi working with the basys3 board? i am unable to create a working block diagram and export to sdk
  3. hi the link you have provided is unavailable. mind emaling the sources to me? [email protected] i am trying to interface the esp8266 with my basys3 board and finding it very difficult
  4. hi i used the example files and designed my own block diagram due to comparability issues and was able to display results on tera term but the readings are off and keep decreasing by 10 until it loops and restarts and this reading gets shown even without the sensor being plugged in
  5. hi i am trying to interface a moisture sensor on the basys3 board and generate readings. any suggestions how i go about this? i don't have the knowledge to design a custom ip core and code in the sdk from scratch