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  1. thank you. Can you send me the BOM that will help do some verification. Once I get the BOM I think I will go ahead and swap the resistors, it is worth trying. with a 25MHz I may not having issues with matching impedance. fingers cross :-) Tarik
  2. what type are the diodes used with the High Speed PMOds ? if they are different can I get the type so I can replace them ? Tarik
  3. I m trying to build a stereo camera, communicating with the image sensors @ 25MHz. each camera will need two PMOds. when I used one of the High speed and a standard one I end up with some weird colors and noise in the images. on the other hand when I use two High speed PMOds everythign works fine Tarik
  4. Hi, If I replace the 200 ohms used in series with the Standard Pmod with a 0 ohms resistors (shunt resistors) will that make my Standard Pmod a High Speed Pmod. Note: Please answer this question only if you know what you are talking about, don't copy and past part of the Zybo manual in the replay. Thank you Tarik
  5. Hi Alex, Thanks a lot for replaying. For a moment I thought that this thread went cold when you mentioned that The ZYBO Base System Design includes a tutorial for how to configure the QSPI Flash with a Zynq Boot Image using Vivado, What tutorial did you mean? I downloaded the zybo_base_system.zip and it doesn't contain any tutorial? as far as the Zybo Reference Manual, paragraph 3.2 which talks about QSPI Boot Mode it doesnt explain how to load the bin file to the flash memory using Vivado. Did you successfully tried loading the bin file using only Vivado? I know that this feature is doable using Zedboard and ZC702 I m not quite sure now about this Zybo board! Tarik
  6. Thanks for your replay. Unfortunately at this point I need a dummy step by step instructions on how to flash the spi flash memory with the .bin file generated by Vivado. in the Add Configuration Memory Device window what goes into the 4 fields : Manufacturer : Spansion ? Density : 128? Type : ?? Width : ?? Also In the Program Configuration Memory Device window , what should go into the field Zynq FSBL ?? After Programming, beside shorting the middle pins of JP5 (QSPI) is there any other jumper that I need to short ?? Tarik
  7. Hi, Is it possible to load the spi flash with the .bin file from Vivado, I don't wont to use SDK as I done this before. Any help wil be appreciated. I can program the FPGA of the Zybo from Vivado but I can seem to find out how to load the .bin file the SPI flash memory. thanks a lot for any help in advance Tarik