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  1. yes, I tried different cables with the same result. nothing is detected by window device manager, (no error flag at all) Leo
  2. I installed this driver on 2 separate laptops and neither of them recognize the digilent boards. do you know when your tech support line will be back on line?
  3. no, there are brand new boards I recently ordered from Digilent. when I plug in, nothing happens in device manager. i.e. not recognized by device manager. the board does get power from USB and it boots up correctly and FPGA done pin goes high. LED toggles and switch and reset buttons all seem to work. I tried external supply, no difference.
  4. hi, @JColvin thanks for the response. I tried installing driver above and it does not help. I also tried reinstalling vivado2020.1 webpack and no help either. in either case, Arty board is not recognized by window device manager at all. I tried multiple Arty boards so I dont think it is board specific. not sure what steps I have missed. thx Leo
  5. I have same problem with Arty S7 on win10 machine and vivado2020. when I insert the Arty board into USB slot. device manager did not recognize any new hardware. I installed adept2 as well as FTDI driver to no avail. still no response when ARTY board is plugged. I tried different A7 and S7 boards, same result. any help welcome. Leo
  6. I installed vivado2020.1 on win10 machine, however, the hardware manager does not detect the Arty S7 or A7 board or the device, is usb/jtag driver part of vivado installation? when plug/unplug usb port, no usb device is recognized either. any advice? thanks Leo
  7. hi, I am interested in using Arty S7-50 or Artix-7 35T for some algorithm development. I would like to know I can hijack Arduino interface for general IO purpose if Pmod port does not provide sufficient IO for my application.