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  1. Thank you Attila, Nice to have a solution to record I2S data streams with HD resolutions (for example, 96kHZ and 192kHz sample rates) to replace a bucky AP equipement for debugging. No I use an I2S DAC EVM as a workaround...Wayne Chen 06/20/2020
  2. Thank you Attila, Now we have time stamps on start with every data packages so that we can calculate delay time between commands and commands. Nice to have time stamps on stops hence we can calculate actual clock rate of each I2C and SPI data frame. Thank you and Best regards, Wayne Chen 06/20/2020
  3. Hello Attila, Is there a new AD in pipeline to utilize high speed USB 3.0 to support faster data rates (for example, 25MHz SPI)? Thanks a lot. Wayne Chen 06/18/2020
  4. Hello Attila, I switched to AD2 for 1.8V logic supporting. I built a level shifter board for Beagle but it seems burden. Do you still have a plan to add time stamps to the exported CSV or TXT files in protocol tool in default so that we can calculate data rates of the communications? Thank you and Best regards, Wayne Chen 06/18/2020
  5. Thank you for your advise, Attila.I got correct data of MISO and MOSI with Standard mode....Wayne Chen
  6. Hi Sirs, Is it doable to add tags of Chip Select when exporting SPI raw data to CSV file? We are not able to tell the data frame when acquiring multi-byte SPI communications. Raw data of my SPI instructions and CSV log were attached. Multi-Byte SPI Instructions on MOSI: Exported CSV with MISO data with single-byte and multi-byte SPI commands: Multi-Byte SPI commands: Zoom-IN of multi-byte SPI commands: SIngle-Byte SPI Instructions: Zoom-IN of single byte I2C commands: Thank you and Best regards, Wayne Chen 06/15/2020 BIN1_Broadcast.csv BIN
  7. Thank you for your advise, Attila. I can get good reconstructed I2S signals with the newly GUI ver 3.13.18 now. Wayne Chen 06/05/2020
  8. Hello Attila, Thank you for your advise. I saw zigzag problem with 2's complement signed as well. Test result of beta version 3.13.18 will follow. My test was done by WaveForms Ver 3.12.2 Attached files are my work space and acquisition stream of 1kHz, 0dBFS sine wave. Left = Decimal format, Right = 2's complement format Thank you and Best regards, Wayne Chen 06/05/2020 I2S Acquisition Project.dwf3logic.zip I2S_Test_Acquisition.dwf3logicacq.zip
  9. Hello Attila, Thank you for supporting. I can get better waveforms with the 4th configuration: However, I saw a GUI problem with reconstructed wave forms which needs a workaround: I specified data format of "Decimal" to Channel Left and "Signed" to Channel Right. Data format of "Signed" is important for us to reconstruct I2S signals, however, we cannot see valid wave forms as the pictures below: The GUI plots redundant tri-angles on non-used slots which makes the wave forms hard to read.The GUI should keeps reconstructed signal flat in those non-used
  10. Hi Sirs, Good Day! I am a new user of Analog Discovery 2. I hit a roadblock when learning the process to acquire I2S with the following steps. 1. Sent 0dBFS, 1kHz sinewave with 48kHz sample rate, 24bit, 64*fs (3.072MHz BCLK) from Audio Precision APX500 to Analog Discovery 2. 2. Programmed AD2's DIOs to correspond I2S format. However, the reconstructed signals were discontinuous and distorted. 3. According to the recorded stream, the sample rate of LRCK looked unstable. It was not helpful by increasing sample rate from 10MHz to