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  1. Wow. Excellent! This will certainly be a useful tool. I can only think of a couple of things for the wish list. Save results as text (or csv). A way to run as a batch? I may have 40 or 50 students. I would like to point it to a directory full of workspace files and get a report.
  2. That is AWESOME! This looks like it will do the trick. Thank you so much for this, I will pass this on to my colleagues.
  3. Generally speaking each student will have their own (single) AD2 device. We expect them to perform 'lab activities' and then submit results for marking. I want to make sure that each student uses their own device to generate the files and prevent getting a single student's work multiple times. So, I would like a tool that can confirm that all of the data was generated by a single instrument with a list of serial numbers and workspace names. Any date-stamps or other corroborations would be nice. We just got these devices and we are planning on using them for student lab wor
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I managed to find the sn (it was in the file under the scope directory). Its good to know that it is in there somewhere. Is there a way to extract the workspace without using WaveForms? The ultimate goal is to have a way to get the serial numbers from a bunch of workspaces in a batch. I want to use it for 'marking' students online submissions. Again, thank you,
  5. Is there a specification available for the files generated by WaveForms software? I would like to know if the serial number of the AD2 device that generated the data is stored in there somewhere.