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  1. Hi, If anyone is interested in retro systems I've started on a port of the Multicomp system. I have a 6502 with basic up and running, you need a pmodps2 to use a keyboard (must be a proper ps2 keyboard). SD Card, Serial access, Z80 and 6809 to follow. https://github.com/mattuna15/zed-multicomp Enjoy
  2. Brilliant thank you. I will sort that out. Is there a hardware revision number or group of serial numbers I should look for?
  3. @JColvin is there an answer to this or can I have an RMA and replacement? Thanks.
  4. Hi there, thanks for the reply. Purchased on 12th May from Farnell in the UK. Cmod a7-35t SN:210328AD3F57 I connected to gpio pins and there was enough leakage off the ground pin to power the board LED without a usb connection or external power to VU.
  5. Hi, Had very frustrating time with this board. It seems from this forum to be common. It has worked properly for 1 day. Using a certified usb.org cable and also the usb cable I use on my zedboard on multiple computers I am unable to program the board using either Adept or Vivado. I use a zedboard perfectly every day, yet this one seems to be unusable. I was working on a midi app but the ground interference on the pins is terrible and can be seen on the scope. Large capacitors placed on a breadboard across VU and ground make no difference. Any ideas on how to get this to work reliably?