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  1. Oh, seems like using cable -c nexys4 is able to detect the FPGA!
  2. Hello, I would like to program ARTY board with an open source programmer (like openocd or xc3sprog). Did someone managed to program the board (either load a bitstream to FPGA or write to Flash) with an open source programmer? I tried to add the IDCODE / IR-len to devlist.txt in xc3sprog and recompile but here is what I get: [email protected]:~/dev/xc3sprog$ cat devlist.txt | grep XC7A35T 0362D093 6 0x09 XC7A35T [email protected]:~/dev/xc3sprog$ ./xc3sprog -c ftdi -v -j XC3SPROG (c) 2004-2011 xc3sprog project $Rev: 774 $ OS: Linux Free software: If you contribute nothing, expect nothing! Feedback on success/failure/enhancement requests: http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=170565 Check Sourceforge for updates: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xc3sprog/develop Using devlist.txt Using cablelist.txt Cable ftdi type ftdi VID 0x0403 PID 0x6010 dbus data 00 enable 0b cbus data 00 data 00 Using Libftdi, Using JTAG frequency 1.500 MHz from undivided clock No JTAG Chain found USB transactions: Write 5 read 2 retries 0 Any idea? Looks like the board is using the usual FTD2232 chip so I thought just using the -c ftdi cable would work... I tried others from the cablelist.txt without success... Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your answer! So if I understand correctly, there is no way to use the FT2232 in FIFO mode then?
  4. Hi, The Arty schematics are missing the FT2232 component, therefore we cannot see to which FPGA pins it is connected. The only pins we know are UART_TX and UART_RX. But what about other FTDI pins? Like the ones to control the FIFO mode of the FTDI chip. Thanks! Regards,