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  1. I want to buy Nexys Video board to pair it with FT602 FMC card UMFT602X-B In UMFT602X-B datasheet is written that it is compatible for most FPGA devkits with FMC connector and they provide SP601/SP701 kit as example. Will Nexys Video FMC connector also be compatible. I'm worried because it provide GTP transceivers lanes where SP701 doesn't and they can overlap each other.
  2. I've got a little update on this project. I managed to get this thing running, by using modified register settings from raspiraw repository on github. So it is definitely possible to use this camera with Zybo Z7-20 board. However I did this with my own MIPI receiver, didn't check compatibility with Xilinx IP-core. Following image is only with white balance correction.
  3. Hello everyone. Guess most of you heard that RPI produced new HQ camera with IMX477 sensor. I would like to connect it to Zybo Z7 board via FPC cable, since they are pin-to-pin compatible. If anyone has any datasheets, register maps or can at least provide answers to specific questions, please contact me [email protected] The project will be opensource and will be published on my github https://github.com/hellgate202 Sorry in advance if this post violates any rules of the forum.