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  1. I've got a little update on this project. I managed to get this thing running, by using modified register settings from raspiraw repository on github. So it is definitely possible to use this camera with Zybo Z7-20 board. However I did this with my own MIPI receiver, didn't check compatibility with Xilinx IP-core. Following image is only with white balance correction.
  2. Hello everyone. Guess most of you heard that RPI produced new HQ camera with IMX477 sensor. I would like to connect it to Zybo Z7 board via FPC cable, since they are pin-to-pin compatible. If anyone has any datasheets, register maps or can at least provide answers to specific questions, please contact me [email protected] The project will be opensource and will be published on my github https://github.com/hellgate202 Sorry in advance if this post violates any rules of the forum.