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  1. Hi.. I am already working with a ise design suite for spartan 3e but it doesn't make my way easy to work like vivado. So I just wanted to check here. Okay no problem I can use ise design suite. Can you tell me where can I get seven segment 4 digit display working example to display different numbers on the display. And VGA example for this board. Thank and regards.
  2. Hi. I am new as a developer in FPGA. We bought digilent spartan 3 e development board from digilent. I hve two questions: 1. Are there a board of spartan 3e development board to add in vivado 19.1 so that way will be easy for development to dela with IP cores instead in ise design suite? 2. I need an example project to develop a microblze processor in spartan 3 e development board in ise design suite and VGA controller too? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi. as I said earlier I am going to use this device as an external programmer for any Xilinx FPGA's not just for one FPGA. Yes, sorry for that there is no GPIO3 it was a mistake I meant it was a GPIO2. First let me know can I program any Xilinx device with JTAG-SMT2-NC programmer and my previous question was simple >> can i connect from JTAG-SMT2-NC to any Xilinx as below: JTAG-SMT2-NC ANY Xilinx FPGA TCK >>TCK
  4. Hi. Thanks. This Reference manual helped a lot. now I just wanna know can I skip using GPIO3 to ps_srst_b signal in my designs ? or if I must have to use it then how can i design for building an universal programmer with JTAG-SMT2-NC Please. Thanks and regards.
  5. Hi as I said I just want to use my spare JTAG SMT2-NC as an external programmer. kindly share me how to interface USB circuit to JTAG SMT2-NC and JTAG to any Xilinx FPGA.
  6. Okay thank you Colvin. can you please help me out with simple reference schematic to build a normal programmer with my one spare JTAG SMT2-NC.
  7. Hi. We had bought few numbers of JTAG SMT2-NC for a project in that just 1 programmer left out so I thought to use it as a normal programmer for me personally. can anyone please share me a simple schematic to build a normal programmer and requirements to do it. also I just read here in the community someone saying his this board working for him with adept but not with vivado, is it true? thank you at the earliest.
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    Thanks alot for useful information sir..
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    Hi. Thank you for replying sir.. I was eagerly waiting for the reply. The problem is when installing this board when it was hot, mistakenly one of my colleague moved the tweezer on it and we lost the components you can see some are missing and if I get schematic or part numbers of the lost components I can order them and fix it ASAP.. thank you
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    Hi sir. Kindly check the attachment where you can see the missing components and the components which have moved from the pad while assembling the board.
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    Hi this is Mubasheer from India. I need a help from here. recently we bough JTAG SMT2 5 nos for one of the project and we assembled this in one respective board so that we can facility to program the board with onboard programmer. we have assembled 4 out 5 JTAG SMT2 successfully but 1 JTAG SMT2 some components have came out of the board I need schematic to figure out this. I checked in diligent officially no schematic is available for this but I am sure to help customers like their would be some alternative way.. please help me out off these. Thanks a lot.