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  1. I did some testing and it turned out to be a combination of wrongly configured boot files and vm - host serial connection mix-ups. Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes, it works! (It's the zybo z7 10 btw) Does that mean that there is something wrong with the boot.bin I got?
  3. @Ana-Maria Balas Yes, I programmed the FPGA with a tutorial example (I never used Xilinx SDK before) and it did auto detect the zybo board and I am able to run and debug the project line by line. It seems that the micro USB port is working fine. But neither Putty, Realterm or the Xilinx SDK terminal give any serial output (on my windows host without running vmware). The Xilinx console does however output some random characters (with 115200 baudrate) if I connect STDIO to console in the Run/Debug configuration. I did not look into the UART MIO channel, how/where can I enable that?
  4. Hey @Ana-Maria Balas, I just tried but I still can't connect to the serial port.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, just a student working on a school project. My zybo z7 board stopped showing up as /dev/ttyUSBx on my linux vm when connected using the UART microUSB port. On my windows host the com port does show up but I cannot open a connection with putty (115200 8n1), no error info or strange characters, just an error sound effect with no explanation. I tried everything on the pc side (driver reinstall, reboot, enable/disable port, different ports, different cables) but I suspect that it is the board not communicating. I use external power with WALL selected and booted from an sd card with a 500 mb fat32 partition with a boot and image file generated with xilinx petalinux which were not changed from when everything worked fine. There is also a 3gb ext4 partition where the fs is. The only thing that changed before the problem occured is that a few to-be-tested precompiled kernel modules where added to the ext fs in the home folder. Other students with the same set-up do not have this problem. I tried different sd cards and remade the partitions and redid the boot/image/fs generation but no success. When booting from QSPI the example program works fine so I don't think the board is broken (The serial com doesn't work in QSPI either but I don't know if it's supposed to). Maybe it needs some kind of factory reset? Is there a way to confirm if the microUSB port is working? Help will be appreciated. btw: upon startup I can see the RX led flickering but never the TX led