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  1. Hi @attila Very impressed by your speedy response and the ready-to-use example! Thank you very much. I implemented it in my codestructure and it works perfectly well. So apparently the part I was missing is the "iSample" which tracks the overflow of the number of samples we actually want to capture. And to my understanding this overflow is random since the circular buffer is continuously filled and you don't know a priori at which position the buffer was being filled at the time the trigger occurs. By counting the number of samples you transfer from the buffer on the AD2 to the rgSa
  2. Hi. I have troubles using the trigger functions in the SDK to align the recording of a signal with the pattern generator (DigitalOut Instrument on AD2). What I want to do is essentially, using the SDK in a python script is: - I record a signal from the AWG on the AD2 I am sending through an analog circuit using two multiplexers. - I control the multiplexers with the digitalOut instrument on the AD2. - I want to align the starting point of the digitalOut-pattern and the starting point of the AnalogIn acquisition (record-mode, int16 data) As far as I understand from th