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  1. AkhilMK

    HS2 Support for OScan7?

    Hi, I'm using below sequence of operations to use OScan1 scan format in HS2. 1. Lock ZBS at control level 2 2. Enable CGM using Store Misc. Control command (00000 00111) 3. Store Scan format (00011 01001) // 00011 nnnnn; nnnnn = 9 for Oscan1 4. DjtgSetScanFormat (hif, jtgsfOScan1, fFalse) 5. Control Level exit I would like to optimize further using OScan7. Does HS2 support Oscan7? If So, how would I use it?
  2. Hello, Could you please help me understand what overlapped I/O is. I can see APIs like the below one taking a last argument to specify if overlapped i/o is enabled. DjtgPutTmsBits(HIF hif, BOOL fTdi, BYTE * rgbSnd, BYTE * rgbRcv, DWORD cbits, BOOL fOverlap) fOverlap - TRUE if operation should be overlapped Is it Asynchronous I/O? Could you please provide a use case and if possible sample code which uses this? Regards, Akhil
  3. Hello, I'm interested in using DjtgBatch API for batch processing of JTAG transactions. Couldn't find any example in digilent SDK using the batch API. However I could find the list of commands in the documentation. Could you please give an example for demoing this API Regards, Akhil
  4. Hello, I would like to use djtg.lib and dmgr.lib for accessing our hardware over JTAG. After looking at the apis provided by dmgr.lib, it is clear that we need to pass a device name and open interface prior to accessing JTAG apis. Our's is a custom hardware using Synopsis ARC processor. what should I use in place of device name? is it "JtagHs2"? Regards, Akhil