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  1. Are there any XML board files that can be installed for the Genesys ZU board? Even incomplete would work as a starting point. OK, Found the board file on Github here:
  2. Thanks, @Elodg. I don't see how I could have damaged it. My work with the board has mainly been with Petalinux and FPGA fabric designs, and I have programmed QSPI for bootup. I have not done anything with J38, I was just speculating about how to see if the PMCU was doing anything at startup. I don't see anything over I2C or the LED. I guess that all the IRPS5401's are pre-programmed in NVM and don't need tweaking at startup, other than VADJ if requested. For my immediate needs I can use I2C from the ZU3EG to do that. But I am concerned if there is anything else I am missing, other than
  3. Thanks, @JColvin. Meanwhile, I have experimented with I2C from the ZU3EG, and I find that I can turn on the VADJ power controller and set the voltage with a several register settings. But the PMCU just seems to be dead. But it took a while going through the documentation on these Infineon PMICs. I'd like to know how much does normal operation rely on the ATmega PMCU, or is it mainly for health monitoring.
  4. I have a Genesys ZU Rev. B board which comes up fine except the PMCU LED does not come on or blink at all, as it says in the reference manual. Nor can I turn on VADJ by outputting on the LEVEL0/1 and VADJ_AUTON signals from the 3EG chip. I have tried communicating with the ATMega over its serial port, but I get no response. For example, "0301" should return the firmware version. I have a logic analyzer on J36 to observe the startup I2C activity from the PMCU, but I see no activity at main power-on. I'm assuming that the PMCU is working since the ZU3EG comes up, but I also need