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  1. On my Analog Discovery 2,  Using WaveForms,  I would like to synchronize  the Scope display with the signal from a Wavegen channel.  There is an old post from 2017 that described how to do something like this, but the trigger only occurred when Wavegen was first started. 

    Is there a way to repeatedly trigger the scope on each cycle of the Wavegen waveform while it is running?  

  2. Not sure if this the correct forum. Apologies if not.

    I want to generate an AM modulated wave with 200% modulation depth.  The WaveForms application appears to allow this.

    As shown in the attached file, the results are not what I expected.  I expected to have two equal lobes with the phase of the second lobe reversed from the first.

    Are my expectations incorrect or am I setting parameters incorrectly?  Or is there a bug in the Analog Discovery firmware or WaveForms application.

    200 percent AM Modulation.jpg