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  1. I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I'm confused by the behavior of both my Analog Discovery 2 and Studio that I just purchased. When I use WaveForms and take a sample with the Oscilloscope 1 and 2 I get the correct readings (for both devices). When I use any of the Python Example codes that come with the software I get a voltage of 2.7V on channel 1 no matter what dc voltage I attach it to. I haven't tried providing waveforms yet. I am just trying to establish a baseline. Why is it when I use the Python Script I only ever get about 2.7V on channel 1. and channel 2 works just
  2. I'm currently working through school in electrical engineering for signal processing and analog design. I'm looking to purchase a basic at-home setup. The Analog Discovery Two is very explicate about its abilities. For example it has protocol analyzers that I'm interested in (SPI, I2C, CAn, AVR, and UART). It also seems like it can multitask pretty well, allowing me to do more things at once. Does the studio come with these sames bells and whistles? Looking at the Reference Manual I believe it does? If it is basically a Discovery Two under the hood but with some additional options,