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  1. Wow. Looks like I stirred a wasps nest. Some really good stuff in there that needs my further attention. Before I get too lost in the woods with this design, let me go back and study up on some of your comments. Particularly, I want to learn more about this meta-stability problem before going further. That's not something I've seen discussed in the references I've read, but I think I understand your concern so I need to know more. So I'll just back down on getting more complex until I've got a better handle on some of these basics. Thanks, guys. Helpful as always.
  2. Dan, Thanks, but the design is simulated and works exactly as hoped, and yes, I do have ideas for what to do next. Been around too long to believe a single dead end is the end of a project. I'm actually getting pretty good at the simulation, but in this case, not good enough. My problem is more basic, gaining an understanding of what's actually happening on the board. As a software guy, it's a steep learning curve. I'll get there. The more I use Vivado, the more I learn how to better use the reports and messages. That's like learning to read the owners manual after you've driven the car i
  3. Thanks. I already wandered down that path, but it was the obvious answer to my question. I reloaded the board files just to be sure, but that solved nothing. It seems unrelated, but I found an I/O without a constraint reference. Corrected that and the board is now responding. I must say this is all rather confusing for an old software guy. Falling back on my training, change one thing and observe the result... repeat... Maybe you can save me hours of trial and error, however. My problem was with an I/O reset. Using the arty-a7-35-master.xdc and un-commenting the lines I need. I pointed Package
  4. Just a final word. It's been less than 3 weeks since I joined this forum and asked my first question. I am writing to complement both [email protected] and zygot for their excellent responses and advice. I purchased the arty-a7-35 and have already completed several very simple applications. Could not have gotten here this quickly without your help. Thanks a million.
  5. I see there are other questions about Board Not Found, but I have applications already using my board and am at a loss of what to do next. Using Vivado 2019.2, Arty-A7-35. Synthesis and implementation run without any warnings. When I try to write the bitstream, I get "[Board 49-67] The board_part definition was not found for" Can someone point me in a direction that might be helpful? I am also getting an error that no constraints are used, which is contrary to my design (including the "used in" assignments).
  6. Would love to get @zygot and @[email protected] in the same room for a simulator face-off! 😄
  7. Any thoughts on simulators? I started by downloading the student edition of ModelSim PE. Yeah, it's free and I know you get what you pay for. But I'm out here alone starting from scratch with a limited budget. ModelSim at least allows me to see what my VHD code looks like and start working on basic syntax and structure. At some point, however, I will need to know if my code actually does what it's supposed to do. I must admit, @[email protected]'s post on debugging scared the ... out of me. But onward...
  8. Some very good responses - informative, to the point, and helpful. What a pleasure to come across a forum like this. I think I see a starting point given your feedback. BTW - not new to software. I programmed on my first IBM 1620 in 1964 and PDP-11 in 1965. Hardware language is new, but not that difficult to understand with my background. Looking forward to more interaction as I expect to get lost in the weeds quickly. I picked up a book, "Digital Design", by Peter Ashenden. Only finished Chapter 2, so far, but for me a good book to learn VHDL.
  9. Totally new to all this. 73 year old grandpa, retired engineer, returning to grad school, microelectronics concentration. Lots of technology catch-up to do. So, starting with VHDL. I must self-teach VHDL and need my first FPGA. Can someone help me understand these 3 possible choices for someone in my position: (1) Basys MX3 PIC32MX, (2) Nexys A7-100T, (3) Zybo Z7. Don't want to buy anything too complex, but I have to get the basics with ability to grow. Many questions about compatibility, accessories, programming... Can you help me get started?