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  1. Follow Up and Summary - Programming FPGA Boards from a Mac Thanks to those who responded to my request for methods for programming FPGA boards on a Mac. Since then I have found a mechanism that is working very well. It is called Open OCD (search the web). This is an open source solution that we have tested on a number of Digilent boards (Nexys4, Basys3, Arty). It works for both a Mac as well as Linux (useful since we could never get Adept 2 installed in a way to work on Ubuntu 16.04). I have created a web page that describes how to use it at:
  2. Thanks for the last 3 comments - all very helpful and just what I was looking for. Some of our students are doing dual-boot so that is an option. I am looking at the other 2 solutions proposed as well. I appreciate people's input...
  3. I know, I know - this question gets asked regularly and the answer is always "no". But, with Covid and the switch to on-line classes (possibly for the next year), having a Macintosh option to program an FPGA board may mean the difference between our university using FPGA boards in our large digital design courses or not. So, it has moved up on the importance list drastically recently. Is anyone aware of any way to program a board (Basys 3 for example), from a Mac? We are limping along having the 10-20% of our students who run on a Mac install a Linux VM this term, but it doesn't look