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  1. Hello Digilent support, I'm seeing a strange behavior when using the Analog-Disco 2 (AD2) for SPI MOSI-MISO decoding. My set-up is as such: Purpose: Monitoring MOSI-MISO from Microcontroller to Slave device to make sure that commands and replies from MCU to slave chip are correct. Using: AD2 SPI MOSI MOSI protocol analyzer DIO 4: Used as an input signal that I toggle in my code (before the third SPI transaction) so the AD2 can trigger on the last transaction (the one I'm investigating) Microcontroller SPI: running at 120KHz MCU I/O: 3.3V (5.0V tolerant)
  2. Hi, Would it be possible to let me know how to turn ON MISO decoding when I using the SPI MOSI MISO protocol? Per the image below, I can see SPI MOSI decoded but I cannot see MISO and I could not find how to enable it so it displays. Thanks Seb
  3. Hi Attila, Thanks for the tip: Could you possibly elaborate on how to fix this digital zoom issue please? (I never "enabled" the digital zoom" so I'm not sure why this would be enabled as a default setting?). Also, I searched for the SPI trigger (see attached) but can't see where this is. Clicking on the "T" does not pop up this window. Would you have any YouTube tutorials showing a real SPI (MOSI, MISO) signals acquisition example so I can be sure to do the right things? SPI is not really complicated but I find it awfully complicated to capture its signals with the AD2.
  4. Hi Digilent, I just purchased an Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) mostly for the Scope and logic analyzer functions. I'm trying to view SPI MOSI/MISO, CLK signals, in Waveform, using the MOSI/MISO protocol, but nothing is working. I'm getting SPI signals that make no sense. The SPI communication SCLK is in the 1MHz range. So I opened up the scope view and connected the SPI SCLKto the "1+" scope chan 1 wire. Just looking at the SPI SCLK, the scope window is showing a clock signal at less than 500mV, where it should be 2.5V. So I'm seeing a signal that is attenuated for no reason