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  1. Thanks, that worked. I intentionally did not run the vivado installer as root; perhaps it would have automatically done this if I had.
  2. I've successfully installed Vivado 2015.3 webpack and generated a bitstream for the Arty GPIO demo. On Linux, the Xilinx installer does not install "cable drivers"; apparently you are supposed to install those yourself, somehow. But I am sure not what I need for the built-in JTAG on the Arty board. Do I want Adept 2 Runtime or something else? From within the Vivado HW Manager I don't see any driver-install options, and it presently says it cannot find any hardware attached. Thanks.
  3. Thanks! Although I was expecting it to be a multiple of 0.1". Your number is suspiciously close to 0.9" but not quite. Do you have an error bar on that?
  4. I would like to know the distance between pin 1's on adjacent PMOD connectors on the Arty board. Thanks.