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  1. I'd like to be able to set the Range of my scope in LabVIEW but I don't know which input is the equivalent of that. I tried setting the vertical range on my "MSO Configure Analog Channel" but that doesn't do anything noticeable.
  2. I'm inputting a sine wave at 100 kHz into an amplifier using WaveForms like this. When I got to read it with the scope in WaveForms, it looks like this. On all my other scopes it sees a sine wave. I'm thinking it must be some simple setting I'm missing.
  3. Does it spit out really crazy measurements that are way off too? I'm trying to get a peak to peak value out of the "Tone Measurements" VI but the peak voltage amplitude is all over the place and wrong.
  4. I have a very simple vi to generate a 100khz signal and then read the peak to peak but this thing seems to extremely inaccurate. I'm getting peak to peak readings that are way off and so is the rms. I even have tried to make a running average for more consistent values but it's still off.
  5. Ok! I used to have it in there but I guess I moved it out because I was tearing my hair out. I will try that tomorrow and report back. Thank you very much.
  6. Ok! I used to have it in there but I guess I moved it out because I was tearing my hair out. I will try that tomorrow and report back. Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you very much! That confirms that I was doing it right. Can I possibly use those sdk functions to access the voltmeter?! I'm having a really hard time getting peak to peak data about the waveform that I'm reading in from the positive and negative pins of scope channel 1. I averaged the data and it seems a little closer but it's not near enough of what my extech meter reads.
  8. I have this simple code here. It readings the voltmeter 50 times and then after it does an average. The problem is that putting msoRead gives crazy whacky readings when I put it into a loop like this and I have no idea why. I'm using scope channel 1 and have the positive and negative pins in parallel with a physical voltmeter. The readings are jump quite a bit when outside of the loop but they are atleast +- .1 off which I can deal with by averaging, but I can't deal with values like .0003 when it should be reading .4 - .6. Any ideas? Thanks for reading my question!
  9. Thank you for your response! Did you use the amplitude parameter of the "configure standard analog waveform" function? That seemed to change the voltage indeed, or is there a different way?
  10. Does anyone know the proper way to query AC RMS and True RMS with labview? So far I have using Tone Measurements but I don't think it's giving me the correct values. Is there a better way?
  11. Hi folks. Trying to increase the voltage that my wave function generator is putting out. So far it's only putting out about 1.5 volts with a 100khz sine wave and goes lower in voltage the higher the frequency. Is there any way to get more voltage out of my Analog Discovery 2 via the function generator pin?