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  1. Hi @attila, Thanks a lot for your help! Unfortunately I still couldn't get it back running. Gave up and got new one🙂
  2. Hi @attila, Thank you for your suggestion and I managed to solder a new FTDI chip on. Now the device is giving me some response, see the error message below. Do you have any suggestion on if this can potentially be fixed? I'm also not sure if I soldered the FTDI chip all correctly - it's hard for me to hand solder that... Thanks again!
  3. Hi @attila, Thanks for pointing out the relevant posts! I'm following this step by step now and would greatly appreciate your further guidance. I checked the ferrites, they seem fine (FB18, FB19 both close to 0 Ohms when unplugged, Vbus at 5V, GND is at 0V). I then checked the voltages. VPLL, VCCD, VPHY are all at 5V instead of 3.3V, so that's probably part of the problem. VCCORE and VCCA are at 1.8V. Now, what are the next steps that I can do? I didn't quite understand the USB power control diagram below. Specifically, I didn't manage to locate
  4. Thanks! Sorry I have just used the Analog Discovery 2 on a PC instead recently, until it broke somehow... Thank you very much for the suggestions! I unfortunately cannot test your suggestions unless I can repair it or get a new one🙃
  5. Hi, I've been keeping my analog discovery 2 connected to my PC for forever, with also an external power supply (official one from Digilent) and things have been fine. I haven't used it recently, but just noticed today that it seems to be dead. There is an on-board LED which used to light up, but now is not doing anything. It doesn't get recognized by the computer (nothing in device manager). I don't see anything obviously burnt. Any suggestions on how I can figure out why it died, and if I can possibly repair it? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I had my Analog Discovery 2 working with Raspberry Pi 4 before. However, it stopped working today after me executing "sudo reboot" on the Raspberry Pi while the Analog Discovery 2 was connected and running. I checked that the Analog Discovery still works fine on other computers (Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04). I tried different USB ports / cables on the Raspberry Pi, and had no luck. The Raspberry Pi is powered from the original power supply, and I am now connecting only the Analog Discovery, so there should be no power issue. I ran "usb-devices" on the Raspberry pi to see if