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  1. Where can I buy mating hardware to Pmod Connectors. I need to make a test harness/board to interface and need to see my mating connector choices. I do not see this series in the Molex line of products
  2. Looking to bring harness interface IN to Arty A7 JAPmod Standard. I am uncertain as to the spec for connector and there is no specific PN/Mfg Data I can find. What are the specific manufacturing specs so I can procure external interface connectors
  3. Greetings, I am seeking specific mating connectorization (interface) for test harnessing to your Arty A7 JA Pmod Standard. I assume that Digilent is not in the connector business so they can be acquired through the connector mfg ala Molex, Amphenol, TE Connectivity etc, or other. Can you provide me specific data, Mfg PN etc such that I can have a harness made?