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  1. Hi! I'm using a PCAM5C with Zybo Z720 revision platform on SDSoC. Right now I'm using filter2D for PCam5C and I've seen that the default format is a multi-planar, two-plane version of the YUV 4:2:2 format, and when they apply the filter2d they just use the Y plane. I wanted to know if anyone could help me with changing this format into RGB because I want to use in the filter2d.cpp the cvtColor to transform the RGB 3channels into 1 grayscale. Or if maybe there's a conversion between YUV4:2:2 and RGB by using the two planes? Thanks so much!!
  2. Hi @BogdanVanca should I follow the same steps as in to try it? I'm on it. Thanks so much!! I'll tell you as soon as I finish.
  3. Hi @BogdanVanca, Thanks so much thats perfect! I will be attentive to your answer and I'll try it for you. Thanks so much, Laura.
  4. Hi @BogdanVanca I'm sorry if I'm tiresome, but will you be able to assist me in this procedure? Thanks! Regards, Laura.
  5. Hi @BogdanVanca don't worry I'm glad you answered! I'm using your github Zybo Z7-20 reVISION platform that has the filter2d demo for PCAM ( ) . Could we use that one instead? That is because the git you sent me it's for Vivado 2018.2 and I'm using SDx 2017.4, (if not I've seen that there's a 2017.4 release for the link you shared ) but of course I'm ok with this and with your assistance, I'm so thankful!
  6. Hi @BogdanVanca ! Thanks for replying it’s not too late, I have an algorithm that process a video from the sd card in the Zybo, and what I want to do is: instead of saving the processed frames again on the sd card, I want to see them through the hdmi on the screem. So i can see real time the fps I can achieve accelerating the algorithm and how the algorithm works. thanks so so much!
  7. Hi @Ana-Maria Balas I've been trying to achieve an answer on Xilinx forum but no one answered. Vivado HLS works as well because I think I can incorporate the project into SDSoC afterwards, so please I'd be very thankful if you'd ask someone for help! ☺️ Thanks!
  8. Hi! I'm a software developer not used to working with FPGA's and I have a video application algorithm on SDSoC 2017.4 for my Zybo Z7_20 reVISION platform. In this video app I read a video from the sd_card data and process it, then write into the sd_card the images of each frame proccessed. I wanted to stream out the processed frames through HDMI but I don't know how. I've been looking a Filter2demo to see how the video stream is displayed on the screem throught hdmi, but I don't really understand because it uses a drm controller and buffers and I don't know how to change it to make i
  9. Hi! I've been trying to execute a simple matrix multiplication (with large dimension) on SDx 2017.4 on a Zybo Z720 board. I used the reVISION repository on GITHUB ( ) to create the platfom and to export it to my Windows Host. When debugging and releasing the app without any function into HW it works perfectly fine, no errors no warnings. But I've tried to toggle the function that computes the matrix multiplication into HW and the next error appears: "C:/zybo_z7_20/export/zybo_z7_20/sw/sysroot/usr/include\malloc.h:38:14: error: declarat
  10. Solved!!! I passed the video as an argument from the terminal, and in the TCF Debugger options in the argument tab I added "/mnt/video". And it worked!
  11. Hi! I'm trying to debug a Zybo Z720 video aplication on the Xilinx System Debugger (HW Applicationt) with TCFAgent. The debug stars correctly but my application requires opening a video and the TCF seems not to know how to handle the opening, can anybody tell me how can I pass him the video? I've written:"IMG_4653.MOV"); if (!v.isOpened()) { cout << "The file could not be open\n" << endl; return -1; } And the debugger is always returning me "The file could not be open". But when I do the release, It works perfectly. It can open
  12. Hi, I've trying to include OpenCV libraries into my SDx Application Project about detecting objects. I used the custom platform Digilint ZyboZ720 from github, by just adding the platform to the project as indicated in the SDSoC Readme.txt ( (I didn't use petalinux nor Vivado). Then the process was: - New App Project - Custom Platform: Zybo Z720 -Empty App - Inserting source files - On SDS++ Compiler on directories I added the includes on the picture below, and also the libraries on the SDS++ Linker (adding also the path).
  13. I don't intend on using petalinux but sdsoc
  14. Hi! I'm struggling with the same problem right now, did you find the answer?? Or you just downloaded the 2017.4 version of SdSoc?