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  1. I copied the attached files to /usr/lib32/wine/ and /usr/lib32/wine/fakedlls/ folders and it worked Thanks Sanyi -AjitJ
  2. Hi Sanyi, Thanks for posting this. I am trying to get waveforms running on my gentoo 64bit laptop. I followed all your steps with one major difference. I can only find digilent.adept.runtime_2.16.1-i686. This version of runtime doesn't proceed after sensing that its a 64bit linux. I modified the install.sh to get installation done. 32bit dwfcmd that is part of digilent.waveforms_2.7.5-i386 is able to detect the connected Analog Discovery. When I run the wine + waveforms it doesn't detect the connected device I am wondering if this is something to do with the different version of runtime. Do I need to recreate the wine related files (as attached in your post)? Any other ideas / suggestions how I can fix this? Thanks, -AjitJ