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  1. Mr. Attila, Appreciate for your help. Most probably, I will prefer the first one to the second one. Have a nice weekend, Best regards.
  2. Hi Ana-Maria, Thank you for your response. I have two questions on this case with your permission. The first one; Due to the design data I shared with you below now, do I have a chance to programme the FPGA and ARM MUCU by using the A channel of the JTAG-SMT3 Module? And If an additional software is a requirement to make use of this circuitry as is, do you please to provide this software to me by pay the fee? The second one; If I design the A and B channels of the FT2232HQ IC to use it as JTAG, do you please to provide software support to configure the IC by pay the fee? As you understand, my priority is to achieve the work by using the JTAG-SMT3. If it works by your support, we plan to buy 25 each module for our design project except serial production requirements. As well as my thought I have presented you, If you have another kind of solution to eliminate my difficulty, I appreciate with your support even by pay the fee. With my best regards.
  3. Dear friends, We have intended to use the JTAG-SMT3-NC module for both FPGA and ARM MCU programming. Our planned configuration is channel A for FPGA programming and channel B for ARM MCU programming. Do you please notify us if we are capable to perform the above work or not? Also, can we configure as JTAG the both channels (A and B)of the JTAG-SMT3-NC module with FT_PROG software. If not, please advise the solution. Also you can submit your tender to eliminate this difficulty. Attached please find the our working configuration. Wait for your response. Sincerely yours,
  4. Hi @JColvin , I'm having the same problem. I have Nexys A7 board. Thanks.