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  1. Hi JColvin You are great helping me and BrianF. I was able to use the first link and download the Agent. I initially got a Windows 10 error "0x000012f" but the service started functioning. I was able to update the firmware and run the oscilloscope. I am good for now. Million thanks for your help!!!
  2. This is not a reply -- just another case of the same issue. I have the same problem. See thread by GeoKon "Cannot download and install Digilent Agent". Clearly someone modified the location or authentication of the exe file. Eagerly waiting for a response -- at least an acknowledgement of the problem.
  3. I just bought an OpenScope MZ and I need help downloading the Digilent Agent. Here is the sequence I followed and problems I encountered: 1. followed the directions from the web site: 2. this site, gives a link for Windows. The link given was: When I click this link, the browser "gives-up" with a page not found. 3. Apparently the URL of step #2, was redirecting