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  1. Hello. I have been using the Analog Discovery 1 (legacy version) as a portable oscilloscope and function generator. I am using the Wavegen as a function generator to test an analog front end (AFE) which includes an integrated instrumentation amplifier and an ADC ( Trying to characterise the performance of the AFE, I used the Analog Discovery's function generator to generate sine waves of different amplitudes (between 1mV and 100 mV pk-pk) and frequencies (between 40 and 200 Hz, in steps of 40 Hz). The gain of the instrumentation amplifier is fixed at 3.5 and the bandwidth of the AFE is programmable (ranging between 170 Hz and 340 Hz). I find that the gain of the system varies with frequency and is either 1 or slightly higher/lower than 1, depending on input voltage and frequency. I did not include any load resistance in my measurement circuit since the internal impedance of the voltage generator was 0 (as mentioned in and I would like to know if it would be necessary to include any load resistance while using the AWG as input to an instrumentation amplifier. If this is not the reason, what could be the reason for this mismatch in gain/amplification factor? I have posted a query in the TI forum (link: I have also attached the WaveForms workspace file I used. Thanks in advance for helping out with this. Best regards, Ganesh Load-resistance-test-2020-05-27.dwf3work
  2. Hello! Due to the Covid-19 crisis and inaccessibility to labs, I have been given an Analog Discovery kit (legacy version) by my university to use as a waveform generator and oscilloscope. While using the scope functionality, I find that when I connect the W1 and W2 terminals to scope channels I get a -6.3 mV offset (average) in CH1 and a -4.5 mV offset (average) in CH2 even when no waveforms has been generated by the Wavegen tab. When the scope channels are left floating or shorted, the offset voltage reduces to around +500 uV . I have attached screenshots of my Scope window for all three situations. I do not have a multimeter to calibrate the kit and I have also tried the solution mentioned in this forum post ( but it didn't seem to make a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!