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  1. The link in the instructions did not work. Can you send new instructions? Thanks.
  2. I accidentally erased or reprogrammed the FTDI chip on my Anvyl board using the FTDI FT Prog tool. I thought it was a different device connected to my PC, my bad. Now I am unable to program the FPGA now as it does not show up in the Adept tool. Can someone help me with getting the FTDI programmed correctly?
  3. Did you have any luck finding any of the ISE project files? I'm specifically interested in "Chapter 8: Audio Demo" and/or "18.Anvyl_Audio_Digital" project for ISE as I don't have Xilinx Platform Studio. Thanks,
  4. I just got my new Anvyl Trainer board up and running and have been programming it with each of the demos using Adept. I have no issues with programming the board and have tried each demo but I'm having problems loading and viewing the source of some of the projects using Xilinx ISE Project Navigator. I'm new with this so bear with me but not all the demos have the *.XISE project files. How do I open and view the sources for the projects without the XISE files?
  5. JColvin I had trouble getting the ISE and iMPACT working in conjunction with the Digilent Plugin so I attempted to uninstall then reinstall everything Digilent and Xilinx. During this process I found there were some Xilinx items that could not be removed no matter what I tried there were Xilinx remnants present in the Add/Remove Programs of Windows. I chose to re-image the PC and I am now up and running, both Adept and Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7 are working without errors.
  6. Also there are 2 errors and 1 warning listed in the windows event viewer. Maybe they can help troubleshoot the problem. Warning: Error
  7. I have uninstalled Digilent Adept and Adobe Acrobat Reader then reinstalled the Adept application. The Adept installation was successful with no errors reported however the application still crashes during the Get Board Info step of the initialization process. See below for the requested results from the commands.
  8. Is there anywhere else to go for support on this issue?
  9. Yes I can launch Adept successfully if the Anvyl board is not connected/powered on, but not if the Anvyl board was already powered on. If I power on the board then select the Anvyl from the dropdown the Adept software abruptly closes at "Loading Board Information". I have uninstalled v2.20.1 rebooted then reinstalled v2.20.1 and have the same issue. I then uninstalled and downgraded to an older version (v2.19.2) and have the same issue. I have full admin rights to this PC and no antivirus.
  10. I just received the board today and installed Adept for Windows - v2.20.1 from the Digilent website. I have a new Dell Precision Laptop with 32GB of RAM running Windows 10 Pro. Does Adept support Windows 10? I don't see any PC requirements document for Adept. Could I have a bad Anvyl board? Adept does not crash if I launch it without the board powered on.
  11. I just received my first Digilent product, the Anvyl Trainer board. I installed Adept and received two errors during installation (attached) but I ignored and continued anyway. The Adept application crashes during the Get Board Info step of the initialization process. I have uninstalled Adept and tried again with the same results. Any ideas to get this trainer board to work? 1