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  1. Hello, The previous posts and documentation state that the Pmod MTDS uses the PIC32MZ. I would like to know which PIC32MZ and if the MTDS Firmware is available. My hope is to drop a similar design onto our own board. Is that possible? Bill
  2. Hi JColvin, I am up and running. I went back and installed 1.8.12. The demo sketches use Port/Header JD which I found by trial and error. All sketches compile, upload and run. I now have a base to work with. Thank you for your support, Bill
  3. My Thanks JColvin, Your help is greatly appreciated. I moved the MTDS directory under the Arduino library directory (MPIDE did not have such) and followed the instructions for "Installing the Digilent Core for Arduino". The "MtdsDemo1" sketch complied and installed. However the Display did nothing and I will work with it a while to learn what I can before asking any more questions - probely late tonight. I know there are a few forum discussions on this. Again, thank you for your time and efforts to get me going. Bill PS, the Arudion IDE displayed 1.8.13
  4. I am unable to link the mtds.h file in the MtdsDemo1 sketch: MtdsDemo1.cpp:39:18: fatal error: mtds.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. The directory structure of the "" file is preserved. I have tried Arduino 1.8.13 and MPIDE 0150 with the same results. Switched to MPIDE since I am using the Digilent MX7 Chipkit and not a dedicated Arduino board. Final goal is to get an MTouch Graphics Display interface working on a custom board using the PICMX32 over the next two week while working at home. Note that the simple samples for the MX7 build, l