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  1. Hello, @Bianca. I specifically installed Adept because of the suggestion above. It was not installed prior to this issue occuring. It is definitely dimmer than one on a good board. See the attached photos for a comparison between the PGOOD LED on a working and the bad board.
  2. I completely understand back-powering. I have been working on a custom Zynq 7030 board where the UART connection causes the platform cable to think VREF is satisfied. Has there been more investigation as to the source of the back-powering and any mitigation other than disconnecting the HDMI connections before powering the board off and connecting them after its on? I notice R134 connects VCC5V0 to HDMI_TX_5V0 and there are several components that deal with the HDMI signals before they are fed into the PL. This is certainly an odd one.
  3. Using Adept, the Zybo-Z7 only shows the a 7020 FPGA device, but no Arm CPUs or DAP. Vivado only comes back with no devices detected on target and to check cables, target board power, etc...
  4. I am experiencing this exact failure mode, but on the 7020 version. I built the HDMI example project which curiously features an HDMI source and sink and then made a FSBL and flashed a boot image to QSPI. I had this running on a monitor before switching over to another task. After while I went to turn off the board with the switch, but the board remained ON and I had to unplug the HDMI, USB, and 5V adapter to turn it off. Now I only get a dim red "PGOOD" led that turns on and off with the board. Board Voltages: R293 to GND = 3.275 (VDC) R300 to GND = 0.997 R305 to G