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  1. Hey everyone Brand new to FPGA, Vivado and all the "fun". I got an Arty board for evaluation with the hopes of porting a Labview based completed project into an FPGA based system. I need to acquire data from multiple 12 bit ADCs (48 total to be exact at 4MHz) at the same time and dump the data to the allocated memory spaces (on the DDR3) and then eventually read the data with an order and transfer it to a computer/SD card. Looking at Vivado block interface, seeing MIG block really gave me the hopes but having no FPGA experience and half the tutorials not even working on my system is getting frustrating to even asses the project. What I'd like to know is if this is possible using this board. It doesn't have to be 48 ADCs, can be 24, or 12 for now but I need to be able to read them all at the same clock cycle and dump it to the RAM to be processed after the whole acquisition is done. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks JColvin for the answer. While I'll keep in mind that my Analog Devices can now have SPI communication capability, it still is not the tool that would answer my IO needs. I need to be able to create clock synchronized timing diagram for control signals, and at some point enable SPI channels to read data from an SPI compatible A2D. The system should be scalable so as the system grows, so will the required SlaveSelect pin count I'll need. Signal pattern generation was easy on Waveforms for our simpler projects but now we need a standalone system with more capabilities. Do you have any FPGA boards that is capable of SPI communication and 20+ IO pins and can be programmed with LabView? I see that you have Nexys 3 board that has the hardware requirements met but it's a discontinued board and I'm not sure if I can use LabView. Is your only LabView compatible hardware solution the ChipKit WF32 with the Arduino architecture? Thanks DrK
  3. Hey everyone I have the Analog Discovery Module and I can generate the timing signals easily using the GUI which I really like. However I need more signals and a standalone system, as well as an SPI communication capability. Would any of the boards available on your site be compatible with the Waveforms software and have more IO as well as SPI? Thanks