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  1. Hi, I found this cool BNC Adapter for analog discovery : https://store.digilentinc.com/bnc-adapter-for-analog-discovery/ I just want to know if this works for OpenScope MZ. Here is your reference for pin diagram for analog discovery : And here is OpenScope MZ's pin diagram
  2. Sorry for that, I uploaded the older file, I did write Serial1.available() in the code that I compiled and uploaded to mega. Also, I updated the file in first comment. Still not working, need help ! @JColvin
  3. Oh no, I edited the source code from github https://github.com/Digilent/openscope-mz , and changed the baud rate to 115200.
  4. I want to send commands to openscope from arduino mega using UART. I connected OpenScope UART to Serial#1 pins of Arduino Mega. You can read the attached arduino ino code. It writes JSON Commands to Serial#1(OpenScope) , reads characters from Serial#1(OpenScope) and writes it onto Serial #0(Serial Monitor). There is a problem in Serial#1 communication, you can see the output below: sketch_may13a.ino
  5. Thank you @AndrewHolzer . This issue is now resolved.
  6. Thanks ! but I have to perform calibration every time I have to upload firmware. It doesn't load saved calibration from flash from the previous build. Why ? Does it get deleted when there is an upload ? It would be nice if I can load calibration from a file. Do I need SD Card for that ?
  7. I think I found the problem. the device running compiled firmware v1.29 was not able to load the calibration file created using firmware version 1.30 yet it showed status code 0 for calibration load JSON command. This was the situation before calibration OpenScope v1.296.0 Written by: Keith Vogel, Digilent Inc. Copyright 2016 Digilent Inc. File Systems Initialized MRF24 Info -- DeviceType: 0x2 Rom Version: 0x31 Patch Version: 0xC USB+: 4825178uV VCC 3.3: 3297119uV VRef 3.0: 2998535uV VRef 1.5: 1500000uV USB-: -4776400uV Using calibration from: UNCALIBRATED Unable to connect to WiFi AP. Error 0xA000001B Enter the number of the operation you would like to do: 1. Enter JSON mode 2. Calibrate the instruments 3. Save the current calibration values 4. Manage your WiFi connections 5. View all files names on the SD card 6. View all files names in flash 7. Set the Oscilloscope input gain {"mode":"JSON","statusCode":0,"wait":500} {"device":[{"command":"calibrationLoad","statusCode":0,"wait":500}]} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"setRegularWaveform","statusCode":0,"actualSignalFreq":1000000,"actualVpp":3000,"actualVOffset":0,"wait":0}]},"osc":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"actualVOffset":9,"actualSampleFreq":10000000,"actualTriggerDelay":0,"wait":0}]},"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"wait":0},{"command":"single","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"wait":-1}]}} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"run","statusCode":0,"wait":500}]}} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"state":"running","waveType":"sine","actualSignalFreq":1000000,"actualVpp":3000,"actualVOffset":0,"wait":0}]},"osc":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"acqCount":0,"actualVOffset":9,"actualSampleFreq":10000000,"actualGain":1,"triggerDelay":0,"actualTriggerDelay":0,"actualBufferSize":30000,"state":"armed","wait":0}]},"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"state":"armed","source":{"instrument":"osc","channel":1,"type":"risingEdge","lowerThreshold":0,"upperThreshold":100},"targets":{"osc":[1]},"wait":0}]}} {"osc":{"1":[{"command":"read","statusCode":2684354571,"wait":0}]}} After I opened wavesforms live and calibrated the instrument again (As there was error message "Error loading calibration") {"mode":"JSON","statusCode":0,"wait":500} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"setRegularWaveform","statusCode":0,"actualSignalFreq":1000000,"actualVpp":3000,"actualVOffset":0,"wait":0}]},"osc":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"actualVOffset":-49,"actualSampleFreq":10000000,"actualTriggerDelay":0,"wait":0}]},"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"setParameters","statusCode":0,"wait":0},{"command":"single","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"wait":-1}]}} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"run","statusCode":0,"wait":500}]}} {"awg":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"state":"running","waveType":"sine","actualSignalFreq":1000000,"actualVpp":3000,"actualVOffset":0,"wait":0}]},"osc":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"actualVOffset":-49,"actualSampleFreq":10000000,"actualGain":1,"triggerDelay":0,"actualTriggerDelay":0,"actualBufferSize":30000,"state":"triggered","wait":0}]},"trigger":{"1":[{"command":"getCurrentState","statusCode":0,"acqCount":1,"state":"triggered","source":{"instrument":"osc","channel":1,"type":"risingEdge","lowerThreshold":0,"upperThreshold":100},"targets":{"osc":[1]},"wait":0}]}} Anyway, I guess I have to calibrate everytime I load the firmware. This line was misleading : {"device":[{"command":"calibrationLoad","statusCode":0,"wait":500}]} It actually didn't load the calibration I guess. But now the issue is that I am not able to save calibration info (Changed baud rate to 115200 so I can't use wavesformslive/digilent-agent) Calibrating instruments Connect DCOUT1 to OCS1 and DCOUT2 to OCS2 To connect DCOUT1 to OCS1, wire the solid red wire to the solid orange wire To connect DCOUT2 to OCS2, wire the solid white wire to the solid blue wire Enter C when ready Starting Calibration Calibration time was: 28190 msec Do you want to save this calibration Y/N? Unable to save calibration info for DCOUT1 Error: 0x80000003 Please debug issue of how to save calibration.
  8. Thank you @JColvin and @AndrewHolzer for the much awaited reply. @AndrewHolzer I am using arduino 1.6.9 as written in the markdown file in github repository https://github.com/Digilent/openscope-mz. I just compiled code without additions. (I haven't added code yet but I wish to) CALIBRATION FAILED, I could load the saved calibration though and I couldn't trigger oscilloscope. Also I've observed that the firmware compiled in my PC doesn't automatically load the wifi and calibration settings from the flash but the directly downloaded firmware does it. I want to interface raspberry Pi with OpenScope MZ via serial monitor. but the baud rate of OpenScope MZ serial monitor is too high (1250000) I want to change it to 115200. which is why I wanted to edit the code. I don't know if there is any other way to interface RPi with OMZ other than Wifi and Serial. if there is a single board computer product by digilent which can have a serial interface at 1250000 baud rate, kindly mention.
  9. The openscope MZ firmware source code which available at https://github.com/Digilent/openscope-mz has a hex file in releases, which works perfectly. but when I compile source code and then upload it into the board (OpenScope MZ) Oscilloscope won't trigger.
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply In this mean time, I was able to find the solution in this forum : I had to use "trigger" token to set trigger parameters for oscilloscope. after which state of oscilloscope changed from "Idle" to "armed". Same command in documentation : https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/digilent-instrumentation-protocol/protocol#set_parameters3 So it was all about not reading manual properly
  11. I have compiled hex file from here for OpenScope MZ. I have entered into JSON mode and tried to run oscilloscope using documentation from here. And I am getting this response { "osc": { "1": [ { "command": "read", "statusCode": 2684354573, "wait": 0 } ] } } And I was expecting data as mentioned in the documentation. PS: I am not planning on using WavesFormsLive as I need to not only get data but also want to perform calculations using it.