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  1. Finally I arrived tu run petalinux on nexys4ddr launching by jtag. Now I'm trying to generate boot file for SD/USB drive but I have some difficult because fpga can't read MCS file, just BIT by SD/USB. It's possible convert MCS to a BIT ? Any help ?
  2. gmv

    Nexys4 ddr resource

    Hi, are there some news about nexys4 ddr resource time to release of Embedded Linux Materials and Advanced Microblaze Design with MIG, Ethernet, UART & GPIO ?
  3. gmv

    Use Of On-board Clock In Basys3

    Hi Kgb, Alex, when I got the same error, I solved opening synthesized design go to I/O planning in I/O Std column I changed 'DEFAULT' with correct value ex. 'LVCMOS33*' I hope this help
  4. Hi, some news about Nexys4-DDR Resource Center updates? ‚ÄčI bought the board and I'm interested in sections: - Embedded Linux Materials - Advanced Microblaze Design with MIG, Ethernet, UART & GPIO - Constraint Files - Xilinx Memory Interface Generator (MIG) Project - XADC Demo
  5. I realised a Vivado ip axi controller for basys3 4 digits display. You can find ip and test project here It's easy to expand for nexys4 8 digit display. Actually the controller manage the number of digit to use in hex or bcd mode with the limitation of overflow. Dp are not managed. It will be helpful if Digilent can develop some ip templates for Pmod modules .... just a suggestion
  6. gmv

    Nexys 4 Information

    Hi Alex, on this page,400,1184&Prod=NEXYS4 you can find board, manual and examples.
  7. gmv

    Selecting An Fpga Board

    Hi sarathtv2, Atlys Nexys 3 by Diligent off course
  8. Hi, my name is Gian I'm an hobbist. My Interest cover FPGA. I bought some of your products (basys2 to Nexys4) that I regular use. This forum is a good idea!!