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  1. Hi everyone i am using genesys2 board. I want to test the board with simple code. but i meet a problem with clock, can you help me to fix it? thank this is code: and this is xdc the error in bitstream like this [DRC NSTD-1] Unspecified I/O Standard: 1 out of 11 logical ports use I/O standard (IOSTANDARD) value 'DEFAULT', instead of a user assigned specific value. This may cause I/O contention or incompatibility with the board power or connectivity affecting performance, signal integrity or in extreme cases cause damage to the device or the components to
  2. thank you. i got the real digital discovery, i checked it. it can generate the voltage as i want.
  3. thank you so you mean when i make the Pattern Generator like this and control the voltage in supply is 1.8 it mean that the output of pattern generator is 1.8v can you confirm for me this one? thanks
  4. Hi everyone I am using demo of waveform software https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/waveforms/waveforms-3/start to generate patterns, but i wonder about the output voltage of pattern can be 1.8v or not. can you give me some advices for this? thanks
  5. thank [email protected] my point is that I already made a DRAM chip, so now I need to generate some commands like read, write; then give input data and check data ouput. I saw that some FPGA kits can generate square signals, but I dont know how about NEXYS4. because I see NEXYS4 has clock frequency is 100MHz, so i think it may generate some signals like data generator.
  6. thank you for your reply. actually, I want to generate some pattern to test DRAM. such as some pulse to active, read, write like this but simpler can you give me more advice? thank you
  7. Hi everyone can you help me in my problem? I am using NEXYS4 DDR, and I want to generate some output square patterns for DRAM measurement. but I dont know how can i do this with my board. hope your help, thank you so much