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  1. Congrats @attila, you fixed it! Many thanks for your work! It now works perfectly
  2. Unfortunately 3.13.19 32bit doesn't fix the issue on RPi4. I still get the 0x2 error after ~7000 records with the workspace shared previously.
  3. I've now tried it on a ThinkPad L380 with ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit with WaveForms 3.12 64bit. I also get the 0x02 error there.
  4. Hi @attila, mmh, ok, seems to be tricky. How many samples can you do with the TDMS export? At the end I would be happy with 30min sampling at a time... What other single board computers do you know to work well with the AD2? Thanks!
  5. Hi @attila, what did you change to get so many samples? I'm using the TDMS export - is there maybe the difference? I've attached my workspace, maybe you can test it with that. binary_daq.dwf3work
  6. Hi @attila, that sounds amazing! Would it help to have my workspace? With my settings I get the error quite quickly (between 200-6000 samples)...
  7. Hi @attila, when do you plan to add this feature? How can I do it using the scripts in WaveForms? I want to use the WaveForms GUI for the logging for easier use (setting the parameters etc.)...
  8. Yes, I have seen that thread. But I need high rate sampling. What other solutions exist? Could there maybe the option to supress the error and resume operation after a USB packet is lost?
  9. I'm now using the WaveForms Beta 3.13.12, but I have new issues where some configuration is not loaded properly. Only when I open the workspace with the "Open last workspace on start" option, the AD2 is not opened with the configuration #2. Additionally the sampling rate in the scope mode is always set to 50mHz instead of 20MHz. But if I open the workspace over the "Open" dialog, the configuration loads it the right mode. Interestingely the "Opening workspace" dialog looks differently, in the first case the "No" button is missing: Where as in the later case the dialog looks like this:
  10. Hi, I'm using the Analog Discovery 2 with a Raspberry Pi 4 with the WaveForms Beta 3.13.12 to continously log the Scope. After some time I get the ERC: 0x2 (see screenshot for error and used setup). I've tried with and without external powering of the AD2. The AD2 is plugged to the USB3.0 port of the RPi4. Also tried different Micro USB cables. Do you have any idea how to fix this?
  11. Alright, thanks. I'm using an Raspberry Pi and the latest beta for ARM is 3.13.6 - is it already fixed there?
  12. As I want to use the WaveForms app with the -script command line argument, it is important that it starts without the need to set the configuration. Unfortunately it doesn't save some config: Problem 1: I always want to use the configuration #2, but I always get this popup: How can I make that it always switches to config #2 without user input? Problem 2: In the logging settings, the Execute "Each acquisition" is not saved - on startup it always is reset to "Manual". How can I fix that?