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  1. I do mean Pmod AD2. I purchased a Pmod AD2 so that I can read a higher voltage range than the 1.8 volts of the BBB's onboard analog inputs . I am using the I2C Write VI so that I can configure the AD7991 per page 20 of the datasheet. I understand it is not needed to get the Pmod AD2 to work, as the default is the reading of all four of the AD7991 channels, but I was not sure if D3 (in Table 10) needed to be set (in addition to the jumper on the board) in order to define the reference voltage. The I2C Read VI reads bytes (Bytes to Read), not bits, so I don't believe that I should ha
  2. Hi, I recently purchased one of the LabVIEW Home Computing Kits with the Beagle Bone Black along with a PmodDA2 (I2C interface) and a PmodDA1 (SPI interface) from Digilent. My goal is to make low cost, LabVIEW based controller for an EV that I have built. I was able to get the BLINK VI to work without any issue once I realized what Debian Image would work with LINX. (As mentioned on this forum 8.6 is the latest). I am currently running 8.4 on my BBB but I cannot seem to get the LINX I2C interface to work. The code required for the PmodDA1 appears straight forward compared to other,