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  1. JColvin, Thank you for your reply. I've been in contact with Digilent Engineers. We are not entirely sure what happened at this point. It may have been something I did. There was one time where I accidently connected the ground of the device to the 5V supply of a micro-controller. Maybe this fried something somehow. Best, Physmike
  2. an update: I found some more issues, now with the DC power supplies. When I ask it to output a set voltage, it changes to some other voltage. For instance if I type in 100 mV it changes to -1.004 V. If I type in 2 V it changes to 1.5 V. 1 V changes to 4.000 mV, and 4 V changes to 4.505 V. Both DC power supply channels behave similarly. I've tried re-calibrating the device, but it still behaves the same way.
  3. I’ve come across a problem with my Openscope MZ. Every time I try to run the waveform generator from waveforms live a message pops up saying “the AWG may have been running and has been stopped. Please try again.” And then the board becomes completely unresponsive (cannot communicate with it, and no lights are on). The only way to get functionality back is to unplug the power, then plug it back in (or I think pressing button R also works to get it back online). everytime I have to reconnect it to the wifi. Does anyone have any guidance on this?