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  1. @attila @MarceloNotThePLCguy We've had an opportunity to evaluate the upgrade of the drivers. I am told the problem is still occurring.
  2. @attila, @MarceloNotThePLCguy was unable to check on this during the last few days because we were operating. He's currently out of the office for a bit. We will have an opportunity in the coming weeks to try some of your recommendations. Thanks for your help! We'll keep you posted.
  3. Is there a way to load the board with the configuration and allow it to continue "Free Running" without the software being on? Would this eliminate the problem which sounds software related?
  4. I am providing as much detail as I can third-hand. We are using a computer. Specifically some rev of RedHat. Do you suspect there may be kernel issues there too? What we have observed is that when the error message comes up, everything continues to run as normal until we hit the "OK" button.
  5. We are intermittently getting this fault (very infrequently). It is brief and can be reset immediately. We are running the device continuously and are kinda reliant on its operation. We are pulling close to 400mA on the device. We have upgraded to an externally powered USB Hub. We have used a USB-Y connector. We have increased the gauge of wire supplying the power to the Hub. It seems like this effort has helped in reducing the occurrence but has not removed it. Is there a way to capture and retain peak current through one of these events? Is this issue due strictly to power or is it communication related? if it is comm related, can we simply load the pattern and logic onto the unit and disconnect from it (allowing it to run independently)? We are also considering using the AD2 board to replace this digital board as it has an external power hook-up and may help remove a few variables. We already use these for their scope capabilities (not logic) and it has worked fine. Are the AD2 boards as precise in PWM timing as the DD boards are?
  6. I have many AD2 boards. We are writing software to pull the data. We are working with the Java wrapper for the C library. I wanted to know a few things: 1. If I make a request to pull the buffered data, does the request pull only complete windows of data. eg. if my window size is 8000, a trigger event occurred and data is still being captured and it only has populated 4000 data points when it gets a request to push data to my software. Will it produce the 4000 at this time or will it produce nothing until the buffer window is full? 1b. If I am able to pull the data with only 4000 points, will the the next register be as position 1? in other words, lets say I am capturing a square wave with a rising edge trigger. If half the square wave is produced when I capture the buffer (and I only pull in half the signal), with the remainder of the wave be placed into the beginning of the buffer that I will observe the falling edge of my square wave? 2. If the buffer window is full and the device receives another trigger, does it update this buffer with the new data? 2b. Let's again say it hasn't completed updating the buffer before I request to pull the data. Will the buffer be full, as it is updating the upper indices of the buffer with new data despite not having fully run for the current trigger? At this point will it produce a partial signal of the previous trigger data and the current trigger data? Thanks!
  7. Hello, We have been experiencing an issue in powering the board using USB. The supply is limited and occasionally this causes problems with the device. Can we attach an external power supply to it in order to remove the dependency on USB power?