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  1. @grymoire666: Yes I know. But if you want that your FT2232H chip is recognized as a Xilinx JTAG cable you need to flash a serial number in the EEPROM. And this serial can't be programmed with FT_PROG. I'm still waiting on DIGILENT answer to understand how to proceed to buy such serial... They are not very reactive ...
  2. Hi, Thanks. You do not sell pre-configured EEPROMs, but do you sell a solution to configure a FTDI chip (for exemple FT2232) as a USB JTAG compatible with Xilinx tools. I need to implement (on my board) a JTAG probe + UART interface (for debug) compatible with Xilinx tools. Do you provide such solution ? Marc
  3. Hi, do you also sell the bare EEPROM (type like 93AA56BT) preprogrammed for use with JTAG+UART on FT2232? Best regards, Marc