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  1. Yes they are. I was able to upgrade the low level controller so that isn't the problem but the AXI controller seems to not have abstraction definitions for the ports on it. I suspect I need to download an upgrade to the thing since what I found was listed as "pre-production."
  2. Does Digilent have the constraints for the ZMod on the Genesys, or is that something I'll have to track down as well?
  3. Well, once I read through the documentation on the lower level part, that cleared up at least two other apparent blockages to progress, which is good. That said, is there a tutorial for making a project with the ZMods? I am unsure about how this is supposed to connect to the ZMod connector I physically placed the ADC1410 on, because unlike the PMODs, the ZMod does not seem to be listed on the board listing.
  4. Actually, I just did it within the library by explicitly adding the Zynqultra family to the list of compatible devices and upgraded it that way. I am able to get it now, and I'll see if it works. Maybe Vivado isn't as bad as I think it is. Steven P. Cornett
  5. In other words you did your upgrades using make command from within Linux. From that it sounds like we wasted our money putting an instance in Windows since you need to go to bash to do anything useful when you hit even the slightest roadblock. It sounds to me like you to do a "create and package IP" from within Vivado to upgrade the IP, is that correct? In that case, I should then be able to rename and then select the new package, and have it work. Does that sound reasonable?
  6. Is that upgrade within the families supported in the component.xml file, where you add this line: <xilinx:family xilinx:lifeCycle="Production">zynquplus</xilinx:family> In the new file? Do I then repackage the IP and regenerate it?
  7. If you look at the picture I showed, you'll see that I was able to get the AXI controller for the ZMod A/D card. It's precisely the Low Level Controller that was not compatible with the Genesys ZU board. What would be the best path forward to make it compatible? Sorry if I made that point unclear. Steven P. Cornett
  8. I attempted to load the ZMod ADC1410 A/D converter for the Genesys ZU3 board IP into my Vivado design (2019.2). However, the ADC1410 controller cannot be loaded into Vivado 2019.2 because the IP does not support the Genesys board. As a result, I have a AXI interface board for a board IP that won't load. Is there an update to the Vivado IP so that the AD board will work on Genesys ZU3?
  9. I figured out about the need to give VItis my Vivado .xsa project file after throwing it over the wall after I wrote this. My, this setup is a bit of a learning curve, but as the philosophers of old said, that which we need to do we learn by doing. I'll definitely take a look at the new guide. Thank you very much. “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle
  10. I saw that as well, but the Vitis doesn't have any hardware link for the Genesys ZU board I have. Does Digilent have resources for that, and if so where is that located and what is the process to include that?
  11. After some more searching, I have the answer. At least on the device I received, the screw is 2.5 x 4mm. May I kindly suggest that the reference manual for the Genesys ZU please make mention of it? Thanks.
  12. Hello, all, Does anyone know what size screw mates with the binding posts around the ZMod connector? It doesn't match with 2-56, M3, and definitely not 4-40, so I'm at a loss. Thanks, Steven P. Cornett
  13. Then, in that case, which FMC DAQ, and particularly DAC cards, have the best chance of working with the Genesys ZU. Would it be a card like the AD9788 demo card with FMC converter (which fit in the KC705), or the 4DSP FMC150?
  14. What the?!😲 What is the explaination for this when the Zynq is so cheap. The UltraScale+ version of the Xilinx board is not much more expensive than the Series 7 in most other boards. This is completely out of proportion unless, like you say, Zynq is Xilinx' money maker and they want to steer people to it.
  15. That's strange because Xilinx has UltraScale Kintex and Virtex as well as RFSoC (which I would find really useful is really expensive). Are there samples of the ZU5 for sale yet?