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  1. blim032

    Defective CMOD-A7

    Hi @xc6lx45, thank you for your suggestion. I have tried that but to arrive at no success as well. The reason this situation is so bizarre to me is that the original laptop (the one in the photo) was used to prior to power up other CMOD-A7s before. Nonetheless, thank you for your suggestion. Hi @JColvin. Yes I do believe so and while also having email-ed Digilent to seek advice regarding this matter as well. Requested by the Distributor (Robot-R-Us), they have wanted me to create a post and send an email to Digilent to report this issue of mine. The point-of-contact (POC) from Robot-R-Us mentions that he will only wait for Digilent's advice before making any reimbursement. I understand that Digilent will not be able to provide me with any form of replacement or refund; But Robot-R-Us's POC wants me to do so. Sincerely, thank you very much for your understanding and support regarding this matter.
  2. blim032

    Defective CMOD-A7

    Hi, I am writing as a buyer of a CMOD-A7, from a distributor here in Singapore, Robot-R-Us ( I have gotten the FPGA on 9th March and only had the opportunity to unbox and test it today (11th Mar). Upon plugging a USB – Micro-USB cable from the CMOD-A7 to my laptop, there is no power indication from the FPGA itself. In addition, from my device manager window, this is the error message. (Please refer to attached image IMG_9160_0jpg) I have since then installed Adept from Digilent site for perform some sanity check. Unfortunately, there is no device detected when the device is plugged in. (Please refer to attached image IMG_9161_0.jpg) Lastly, I have also attempted using 3 different USB cables to attempt to power up the CMOD-A7, but to no avail. All these aforementioned cables are able to power other devices. I have previously used a different CMOD-A7 and have not encountered such issues before. I understand there might be other ways to powering the device, but I will be needing the USB to work for a project of mine. Sincerely, I do insist that I could either have a refund or exchange for this item, facilitated by Digilent, for the distributor Robot-R-Us. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. I hope to hear from you soon.