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  1. Thanks for your response. I already solved the problem for me by using the u-boot Git Repository from Analog Devices https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx to build the u-boot. With this build everything works fine. The problem was not using tftp I think, because even a ping command can lead to a crash.
  2. Hello everybody, i try load the kernel and rootfilesystem via tftp by u-boot for my CoraZ7 Board. I had build the u-boot out of the u-boot-digilent repo. Every time u-boot performs a network operation (ping or tftpboot), it looks like it's gonna crash. If I try the prebuilt PetaLinux and stop the bootprocess at u-boot, every network operation works fine. I commented out the #define CONFIG_ZYNQ_USB, due to the Kconfig message. Could this be the problem? regards felix u_boot_log.txt