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  1. Hello, its me again.  I tried what you suggested and I still cannot connect to the Arty a7 board. I do open target and select open new target and I get this.

    "No target. Use "add Xilinx cable (XVC) or ""Back" button to obtain target."

    than below I get Add Xilinx Virtual cable (XVC)

    Hardware Devices (for unknown devices, specify the Instruction Register (IR) length)

    No device

    Hardware server:   localhost:3121

    I don't know what else to do, I am stuck.

  2. Thanks for the information guys, its been very helpful.  I finally got through most of it and now I am trying to connect to the Arty a7 board and I am not having any success.  it is showing "localhost(0) connected.  What am I doing wrong?

  3. Hi Bianca,

    Its me again.  I now have Vivado installed on my computer and I am trying to create my first project with the Arty a7 development kit.  I went through the steps to create the project, then it asks for the board to be used in the project, but is doesn't have the Arty a7, do I select the Artix-7 AC701 Evaluation Platform or what. Does it work in place of the Arty a7?


  4. Thanks again, that was very helpful.  One last question.  What else do I need to interface with the Arty a7 board if I need to download my programs.  Would just the USB cable work or do I need a vivado interface box or something.

  5. Hi Bianca,

    thanks for the response, but I am not able to download the Vivado software as yet.  I am not sure which version whether to use the web extractor and how to use it or not.

  6. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help on how to use the Arty a7 board with the Vivado software tool.  I am new to this and have no idea how to get started.