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  1. Here is the error I receive when I try to connect to the device: DptiIO failed ERC: 0x2 Communication after programming failed or image device id is wrong. ID: 0x0 Type: 0x0 Version: 0x0 I have also tried using my device with Manjaro linux and Ubuntu 18.04 with the same result. However, Windows was able to communicate with it. Thanks!
  2. My Digital Discovery arrived yesterday from Amazon. After installing Adept 2 runtime and the Waveforms application on my Ubuntu 19.04 system, I connected my device and opened the app and the Opening device window popped up and stayed there. Waveforms recognizes that there is a Digital Discovery there whenever it is plugged in, but is never able to open the device or communicate with it in any way. Are there any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks