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  1. hmr

    Cora Z7 Examples, how to start

    Hej Bogdan, I downloaded the link given in Your link worked. thank you
  2. Hej, I tried to start with the Cora-Z7-10-Basic-IO-master example. According to the file there should be a "\<archive extracted location\>/vivado_proj/Cora-Z7-10-Basic-IO.xpr". project file. I cannot find a xpr file in the whole example directory. The same for the Cora-Z7-10-XADC-master example. What's going wrong here?
  3. Hej, I try to configure the zynq7 PS in vivado 19.2 but the used board Cora Z7 is not available in the "Presets List". see screen dump. The board is selectable when I set up a new project. I tried to import xps settings and addressed the file preset.xml directly from C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2019.2\data\boards\board_files\cora-z7-10\B.0 but "Current Preset: none" What to do to preset the zynq PS for Cora Z7?