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  1. Adding a MCU could be next plan for me. For some simple test, if I just want a quick test first, can I use the external power supply to power up FPGA? Apart from I2C, the SYZYGY port seems physically connect to FPGA and there is no buffer between them. Could that work if I power up FPGA from ZYZYGY Pin from daughter board.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Does it mean no matter what kind of pod voltage(5V, 3.3V or SmartVIO ) I will use, I need to add an additional pMCU on daughter board to match SYZYGY DNA and configure the voltage? Otherwise I cannot use SYZYGY as normal FPGA I/O.
  3. Hi there, I plan to design my own peripheral board attach to Eclypse Z7 with SYZYGY connector. And I am trying to generate the LVDS output through SYZYGY connector. As far as I know, all 7-series Xilinx FPGAs only support LVDS_25 I/O standard, which means the 2.5V bank VCCO is required. Moreover, I found the bank VCCO of SYZYGY connector could be select(1.2V-3.3V) by using SmartVIO Controller. So my question is: Eclypse Z7 is compatible with LVDS output, am I right? If so, the only way to control and change the bank supplies is communicate with Eclypse PMCU by Digilent Eclypse Utility on Linux system, is that true? Because I am running Vivado on windows system and it takes time for me to explore how it works. Thanks, Charlie