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  1. As I mentioned I am using external clock source available on Genesys-2 board using the pins AD-11/12. Using the same source I was able to get output on FMC board, but now I am using FMC-SMA board and I am unable to get any output (PLLs are not locked).
  2. I need to use the IBERT IP core on a Genesys-2 FPGA board. I am using FMC-SMA board to convert FMC into SMA. In the clock settings I am using the external clock source from pin AD-11/12 of 200MHz. But the problem is I am unable to get any output as PLLs are not locked. I had followed the same steps with FMC board and all things where working fine. 1. Can I use the internal clock in the clock setting. (I tried but getting the INFO:- [Labtools 27-1434] Device xc7k325t (JTAG device index = 0) is programmed with a design that has no supported debug core(s) in it. ) 2. Do I n