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  1. Hi @attila Thank you so much, You were right, The problem it was that my labtop was not connected to earth of the main plug. I have just connected and solved. Works perfectly. Thanks you for your support again. You are doing very good work. JuanCar
  2. Hi @attila I have checked the USB conections to the computer and still the same. A lot A lot of noise on 10x probe Maybe the AD2 is broken? Thanks. Juan Car
  3. @attila Thank you so much for your answer. I have shorted the probe and the noise continues to appear. Only in (x10) probe. On (x1) the signal is flat. The noise come from the mains... Is it normal? Regards, Juan Car
  4. hi @attila I would like to ask you if this behavior is normal... AD2 with BCN adaptor, Generaltor Chanel1 100mVp and 1KHz. On the osciloscope on Chanel one with probe on (x1) the signal is perfect. With the probe on (10x) there is a 50Hz intermodulation and the signal is not too good. Is it normal? Regards. JuanCar
  5. Hi @attila, the problem was with wizard calibration option, step by step works fine!! Thanks Juan Carlos
  6. Hi @attila I did a calibration taking care of everything and in one point in the -power supply calibration the APP told me that the value should be -1v and with the DMM I read -5v so the calibartion for the -power supply was wrong. I repeated only for power supply and it was right. Is it possible a bug in the calibration software? Regards,
  7. Hi @attila, thanks for your responce. In that case I would like to make an operaction with 2 values measured (for inctance a ch1+ch2). Can you tell me how to do with the script editor? I did but on indirect way Thanks
  8. Hi there, I am not an expert programming and I would ask for some help regarding simple operation on the script editor. For instance I want to do basic operation between Ch1 and Ch2 ( Ch1 + CH2). Can someone tell me how to write simple operation on the editor? Thanks. Juan Carlos
  9. Hi @Adubinand @JColvin, yesterday I did the same calibration and the same problem pop up with -power supply calibration. Its like a sotware problem. I fixed doing a specific -power supply calibration and worked perfectly Hopefuly the Digilent staff can solve these small issues on calibartion process. Thanks
  10. Hi @attila thaks for your observation. Selecting first ASCII on SPI menu it works. But can I mix in the same command ASCII and HEX, for instance I want to send to a memory on the adress h00 h00 the word "hello" Thanks. JuanCar
  11. Hi there, I would like to ask you how can I send and ASCII character on the Protocol Tool. I can see that for hex is an "h" before and bin is a "b" before but I dont know for ASCII. Thanks
  12. Hi @attila Can you confirm that the Analog Discovery 2 (on DIgilent Website) and Analog Discovery 2 NI Edition (on National Instrulments Website) are the same equipment in terms of hardware/firmrware and there is only small differences in case and packaging? I would like to order one on National Instruments website. Thanks Juan Carlos